"Tomo" Netsuke Carving Chisels 10 pcs Set

$569.00 AUD


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Renowned smith Kawasei -san is famous for his beautiful hand-made carving chisels, gouges and many other tools. This 10 piece set was carefully selected and put together to allow the user great control over extremely fine detail and finishing work. As these tools are so fine, it is an ideal set for Netsuke carving. Like many of Kawasei-san's tools, these chisels have amazing pencil like control and are extremely sharp.

The blade of each tool is forged from blue paper super steel laminated with soft iron, giving each excellent edge retention properties and the ability to take an exceptionally keen edge. All handles are made of Magnolia wood.

This set contains:

  1. 1.5mm right hand skew
  2. 3mm right hand skew
  3. 1.5mm left hand skew
  4. 3mm left hand skew
  5. 1mm gouge
  6. 1.5mm gouge
  7. 3mm gouge
  8. 1mm v paring
  9. 1.5mm v paring
  10. 3mm v paring

Comes in Paulownia box.