Mekiri Budding Shears - 200mm

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These beautiful gardening shears feel wonderful in your hand and are a pleasure to use. The forged laminated blades are polished to a mirror finish and come razor sharp. The pressed forged hardened handles have a matt textured finish, that feel beautifully comfortable.

Our Mekiri budding shears are designed for fine work on live plants. Please note that they are not designed for heavy cutting or the trimming of dead wood, and are susceptible to damage if tasked with trimming wire of any sort. 

These 200 mm pruning shears come with 3 different sets of springs. You can choose which spring you would like to use as you decide the level of tension of your shears.

These shears have a genuine leather pouch (black) by the same maker Kobayashi that can be purchased separately.

Please note that these shears need maintenance by cleaning and oiling after each use to maintain their polished edge.

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Fantastic snips, great workmanship

Purchased these primarily for taking cuttings for propagation. The initial pair had a slight defect, which Japanese tools very quickly rectified. Since receiving the replacement pair a week ago, I've taken hundreds or cuttings and found them to have an incredibly smooth and precise cutting action, with no tearing of leaves at any point along the blades. The addition of a choice of springs, is fantastic! My colleague who also bought a pair, uses a different spring to me and that customability really elevates the product. I anticipate these to take hundreds of thousands of cuttings each year, for a lot of years to come!

Michael G.

Beautiful, quality tool

This is a typical quality tool which comes with additional springs to best suit the hand that is using it. Beautifully packaged, quality design and worth every penny. Consider also a bottle of Camelia oil to keep it rust free and looking great.


fantastic tool!

amazing tool, extremely sharp. packed in beautiful box.

Gertjan G.

Gardening Shears

Excellent tool with the precision needle nose. Extremely happy using them to trim our orchids.

Peter E.