3D Printed Honing Guide

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Across the Forest

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We are proud to offer this Australian designed and made solution to sharpening Japanese tools. They were designed by friend of JTA Anton when he realised that Japanese chisels' and plane blades' non-parellel tops and bottoms made poor bed fellows with jigs designed for use with machined Western tools. 

He has now been through numerous iterations of the design. This current generation allows you to set bevels at 25, 28, 30 or 32 degrees and comes with a thin wedge for use with Japanese tools and a thick wedge for use with Western plane irons. 

Maximum capacity is 62mm width, meaning it will hold blades as large as those from Stanley pattern plane nos 4 1/2, 5 1/2 and 7. We have found it extremely useful in regrinding bevels on chisels of all sizes.

If you own a 3d printer, Anton has also made the files available for anyone looking to print their own on thingiverse. If you do print his design on your own machinery, you may want to consider sending him a "tip" through thingiverse as a thank you for the many hours he has put into developing and iterating his design.