Diamond Honing and Sharpening Plate by iWood

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iWood's diamond stones offer the quality of diamond abrasives in a sturdy, rugged package. Each stone consists of a thick layer of diamond abrasive bonded to an aluminium plate, and ships with a versatile and sturdy rubber base that can be used to hold other sharpening stones and plates in place.

Diamond plates offer a few advantages over traditional water stones. Diamond stones do not need to be soaked or prepared before sharpening and, with a quick spray or dip in water, they are a true "splash-and-go" sharpening tool.

These plates are also easier to maintain than waterstones - because they are made of very hard compounds, they will not crack or chip around the edges, and are not susceptible to gouging or scraping when sharpening fine bevels at very high angles.

Diamond plates do not easily lose their flatness. If they do go out of flat after repeated use, it is possible to dress the diamond stone with abrasive sandpaper on a lapping plate. However, because of the hardness of the diamond abrasive, expect to go through a few sheets of abrasive in order to reach the desired result.

Hard wearing diamond abrasives give years of use regardless of the steel being worked. Those who use high-alloy tool steels should find that the hardiness of diamond abrasives offers great results.

We are offering these iWood diamond plates in four different grits - 1000, 3000, 6000 and 12000. For a limited time we will also be offering a set of all four at a highly discounted rate.


The overall dimensions of each plate is 200mm x 75mm x 16.5mm. 

The aluminium part is 15mm thick; the diamond part is 1.5mm thick.


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