Wooden Nails - Boxed Set

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We are still amazed that there are woodworkers out there who haven't tried our wooden nails. We find endless opportunities to use them when reinforcing joints as they are simple to use, quick to put in and attractive once in place.

This kit contains everything needed to get started with wooden nails in all four of our available sizes and ships in an awesome stackable Toyo Steel tool box in your choice of colour. It represents a 10% saving over buying it's components individually.

Wooden nails are a tapered dowel. This kit includes a small packet of each of our four sizes (20pcs Extra Small, 20pcs Small, 12pcs Medium, 6pcs Large), as well as the matching drill bit for each (yes - 1x extra small, 1x small, 1x medium and 1x large).

To install a wooden nail, hold your two pieces of timber together in the correct position and drill a tapered hole with the appropriate size drill bit. If gluing your joint, add a drop of glue to the front third of the wooden nail. Drive the nail home with gentle taps, allow the glue to dry and cut the excess length of the nail off.

Voila! You have a mechanically reinforced joint, and all there is to see of it is a the end of a small dowel.

The drill bits can be swapped in and out of a quick change chuck, or used in a conventional three-jaw chuck.

To keep it all together we have bundled the lot into a stackable 19cm toolbox. Choose your preferred colour from the range of beige, gold, red, silver or white.