The Box-Maker's Kit

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Japanese Tools Australia

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Cutting and assembling small joinery can require a few extra pairs of hands, so we have put together a kit of some of our favourite tools when working at small scales.

The four hatagane clamps (2x120mm, 2x180mm) are excellent for many uses. They excel at keeping stock clamped in position when marking and cutting multipe small pieces at a time - for example, when cutting the half-laps in shoji screen stock.

They are also excellent for clamping up small boxes since their nimble heads can be used to place your clamping pressure right over a dovetail or finger joint.

To complement them, this kit also includes our two small, simple squares form Shinwa. At 4.5cm and 9cm long they won't be helping you build any houses, but are excellent for judging the squareness of your stock, marking lines over the end grain of thin boards, and checking your small glue-ups for square.

Additionally, we are including our ever-popular ryoba-style flush cutting saw from Gyokucho. This flexible saw has a row each of medium- and fine- teeth with zero set, allowing you to cut protruding dowels, plugs and joinery flush with the surrounding surface.

You'll find a pair of simple marking knives (1x left handed, 1x right handed) in there as well, because sometimes you find yourself wanting both, and a marking knife is a great thing to have.

Finally, the kit is finished off with one of our 19cm stackable toolboxes in your choice of colour. Please note that all components from this set will fit in the box, with the exception of the flush cut saw.

Choose your preferred colour from the range of beige, gold, red, silver or white.