Taheiji Carving Chisel 15 piece Set

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The Taheiji Carving chisels have pencil like control for precision-carving. They are that efficient and easy to use as they offer that much control just like with drawing. It is sheer joy to use these tools.

These beautifully balanced and lightweight tools are perfect for print-block making, relief carving and fine detailed work. The chisel are hand forged with blue paper steel and laminated with soft iron, making them the most premium detailing chisels available. These are the best tools to translate your movements onto your medium. The set comes in a beautiful Paulownia wooden box.

The set contains:

  1. 1.5mm gouge
  2. 3mm flat chisel
  3. 3mm gouge
  4. 4.5mm v parting chisel
  5. 6mm gouge
  6. 6mm v parting chisel 90
  7. 6mm right hand skew
  8. 9mm flat chisel hollow ground
  9. 9mm Right hand skew
  10. 9mm left hand skew
  11. 9mm gouge
  12. 9mm pointed skew parting chisel
  13. 12mm bent gouge
  14. 12mm flat gouge
  15. 12 flat chisel

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This carving set is magic. I contacted Christian at JTA to ask his advice on which carving set he would recommend for the kind of carving I do, which is generally bass relief in an Art Nouveau style. I had thought that the Kawasei Tsurugi set would be the most suitable, however Christian recommended the Taheiji set. I went to the WA Wood show, and saw the set there. They were quite a bit larger than I had imagined from looking at them on the web site. I bought the set, and they arrived in a lovely box - all very simple. When I first tried them, on a piece of pine, I just laughed at the experience - it was quite amazing how these tools just shave through the wood so effortlessly, and cleanly. I have been carving wood on and off since I was a kid and have used various kinds of chisels, but this was the most amazing experience, to finally have a set of carvers that just release you to be creative. I use them every night, and they are joy. So if you are interested in carving, these are magnificent tools to have.

Jesse S.