Folding style pocket knife with pre shaped handle scales -  It's my knife - Japanese Tools Australia
Folding style pocket knife with pre shaped handle scales -  It's my knife - Japanese Tools Australia
Folding style pocket knife with pre shaped handle scales -  It's my knife - Japanese Tools Australia


Folding style pocket knife with pre shaped handle scales - It's my knife

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This elegant folding knife has been designed for outdoor cooking and adventuring. Blue paper steel forms the cutting edge, supported on either side by stainless cladding to add strength and ductility.

This folding knife scales are pre-shaped by a CNC machine. This means that the whittling process is quicker and easier to visualise, though the general outline is predetermined to some degree.

Since the outside of the handle material is scraped off, even a beginner can complete it immediately.

This knife, which was developed assuming a cooking scene in outdoor, it is a folding knife of authentic school which devised the ingenuity to ease of use as well as ease of making up a handle, as well as elegance.

: Blue paper of Yasugi steel famous as high-grade steel is used for steel, and stainless steel is adopted for metal ingot, excellent sharpness.
It is a real blades blade that is easy to sharpen and cut long.

* Yasugi steel blue paper may cause rust if left untreated without moisture.
We are introducing how to deal with rust on the official website.

: All metal parts other than the blade are made of stainless steel, it is hard to rust and
can be disassembled, so it is excellent in maintainability.

: Since a disc spring is installed between the blade and the handle,
the hardness with which the blade rotates can be freely adjusted by the tightness ofthescrew.

: The blade is warped behind with an exquisite balance so as to make it easy to put power when cutting ingredients.
As a result, the handle comes to a position higher than the cutting edge at the time of cutting, so force is easily applied to the cutting part.

~ Contents of the kit ~
1 blade blade
handle (beech) 1 set
board driver 1 piece
Sandpaper (# 120, # 240) each one
set screw two sets
disc spring and washer each two
pin one
(how to make manual one here can be downloaded from)
For English Instruction Manual

- Specifications -
blade length: 93mm
blade of Thickness: 2 mm
Handle: 125 x 28 x Left 10 / Right 8 mm
Total length after assembly: 220 mm (147 mm when storing blades)

~ How to make ~
1. Cut the handle material to the shape you like.
2. Grind the handle material in order of sandpaper coarse grain (# 120) → middle grain (# 240), and prepare the surface.
3. Completed by screwing the handle material, washer, disc spring, and blade with a plate driver!
For further details, please refer to this article → [New product] About It's my knife Folding style

Please enjoy processing according to your taste such as painting and oil processing afterwards!
We introduce works collections and workshops etc. here.
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The ‘Its my knife’ kit has everything you need to make a knife without all the required expertise. Transform the pieces in the kit into a beautiful work of art, or a perfect functional piece.

First, remove the parts of the handle from a wood mold. Next, shape your handle to desired design and then smooth the surface with sandpaper. Finish your project by attaching the two screws through the handle piece. No tools are required to complete this project.

The blade is created by blacksmiths utilising traditional Japanese steel making techniques to produce ‘Yasuki’ steel. This high quality metal is stronger and more elastic, helping to promote longevity of the blade. The 'Hamono' is ideal for knife enthusiants that seek precise, soother cuts.

The handle is made from Beech wood in an off white to pale pink hue. It is a moderately hard wood that is easy to grip.

This kit is perfect for novices right through to expert craftsman. The results are only limited by your imagination. Experiment utilizing wood-burning, engraving, painting and pattern design to create the ultimate handle. Personalize it with an initial or phrase, and finish your creation with a dark brown wax or a simple coat of oil.

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