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Our chopstick-making jig is a massive hit wherever we go. Aside from turning out aesthetically beautiful and functional chopsticks, it is a great introduction into the world of woodworking, a great learning tool for understanding grain in timber, and a gentle way of acquainting oneself with the function of a Japanese plane.

We are fond of setting up a few jigs (as many as we can fit, really) at shows, festivals and markets and letting people run riot. Children find the process of making their very own chopsticks fun and achievable, and adults gain the same immense satisfaction from a project well done that all woodworkers are familiar with.

This kit includes a chopstick making jig, a 42mm Japanese plane, and 6 timber blanks - enough to make three pairs of chopsticks. If you have access to a band saw or table saw, rip down your preferred timber to 8mmx8mm blanks and cut to the length of the slot in the jig for an almost unlimited supply of chopsticks. If you don't have access to such machinery, we offer blanks for sale for use with this jig here.

For detailed instructions on using the jig, click here. Before its first use the plane will need to be setup - for detailed instructions on that process, click here. To keep your plane in optimal cutting condition, we recommend a 1000/3000 combination stone, which can be purchased here individually or here as part of a kit.

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Hey kids, hands off my tools!

Actually the truth is that I’ve been keen to get my kids spending more time in my workshop and using tools, and they’ve loved creating chopsticks and a pile of shavings. It’s a great set.

Alan H.
Australia Australia

Fun jig. Needs careful setup.

Picked up my Chopstick Maker today from the post office. Overall a great fun jig that saves you a lot of time making chopsticks. The jig material is better than I expected - very well made with high quality wood. Whether it was mentioned under the item description and I missed it or it was not mentioned, here are few facts about this jig I want to mention: 1. Before using the plane, you need to set it up, and it may take longer than you expected. I'm only familiar with Stanley type planes and took me a while to figure out how after watching online videos. I didn't want to force the blade too much so I had to shave its path a little. The sole was quite flat and the blade just needed little sharpening. 2. The chopsticks came out very thin. Roughly 6/32 inch at the thick-end. Even for a Japanese style chopsticks, I thought they could be a little thicker. So I carved off and sanded the groove that the wood blanks go in. Now, the end comes out at around 9/32 inch, and also, I only used 1 & 2 side of the jig and shaved just a few passes on all 4 sides of the blank (instead of turning to 3 & 4 side). 3. I think JTA threw in some free blanks with the jig purchase, and I really appreciate it, but those blanks are just way too light to make reusable chopsticks. I made walnut and figured maple blanks using a band saw with a fence. Even the walnut chopsticks felt so light when they came out, but after a few coats of food grade oil, the weight felt somewhat right. I'll be making a lot of chopsticks with this jig. Thank you JTA.

Johsua L.

Set up right, fun

Once the plane itself was set (took longer but rewarding), the chopstick maker is a lot of fun – and the first venture for our 10 yo into making his own money :)

A Japanese Tools Australia  Customer
Pascal V.

Chopstick maker

It is a beautifully made jig , also the smoothing plane that comes with it has a really nice feel, and as it is my first plane I feel the jig actually helps you to get started with the small adjustments that need to be made to the blade. My only negative feedback would be that the jig only limits you to a standard size chopstick, as I like mine to be 40 to 60 mil longer. All in all a great jig to get started,

Dino l.

Chopstick Maker Jig Review

(It would be much appreciated if this review is not published on any social media. Thank you.) The package arrived promptly and in good condition. I love my jig; I would have love it more if not for the following: 1. I have difficulty setting up the plane as recommended in the instructions that come with the package. I managed to set the blade depth but not the chipbreaker as there was no instructions on this (or maybe I didn't understand fully what was written). Now I have a plane that works but with the chipbreaker not 'functioning'. Also, in the attempts to adjust the blade and the chipbreaker, I 'damaged' the back of the wooden plane with dents and marks. 2. I accidentally cut one of the timber blanks to 238mm instead of 240 and it could not be locked tightly in place in the jig, affecting the quality of the end product. Thus I would like to clarify this statement given in your website "There is some adjustability in the locking mechanism to allow for slightly shorter or longer lengths". What is the 'slightly shorter or longer lengths' that can be used with the jig? It would be good if this is stated more clearly so users can get the correct length from the start. 3. I had to find a saw to cut the timber blanks to length before I could put it in the jig. Since the jig only accepts blanks of a fixed length, it would be good if the blanks come cut to size and ready for use. This would greatly benefit those users who do not have a saw on hand.

Lih P.