#1000 Cerax Waterstone - The Brick

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The lovechild of hefty building materials and cutting-edge sharpening technology, this waterstone delivers all of the excellent properties of the Cerax range, only forever*.

Measuring 228mm long, 90mm wide and 58mm high, The Brick presents an even larger sharpening surface than our single grit #1000 Cerax stone (207x70mm). If you're feeling rebellious and decide to sharpen on one of the side surfaces, you'll still be using a sharpening area larger than that of our combination stones (187mmx63mm) and only slightly narrower.  The Brick's extreme height makes it roughly three times the size of most sharpening stones, which means that it will provide years (if not decades) of service. 

The major limiting factor of waterstones' lifespan is the need to flatten them during the sharpening process, which necessarily wears them away. While we are yet to wear out our regular #1000 waterstones, woodworkers who sharpen every day or flatten their stones particularly aggressively will eventually require a replacement stone. Please note that this process usually still takes years with regularly sized stones. 

The Brick can be expected to provide an extreme lifespan under regular workshop conditions. We have found it to provide the same pleasingly aggressive cut as the regularly sized #1000 Cerax stone and is similarly easy to re-flatten. The Brick ships with a silicone base to reduce slippage when in use and an aura of presence and authority that will leave your diamond stones cowering in the sink.

*will not actually last forever. We mean this figuratively. 

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