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Japanese woodworking tools have grown considerably in popularity in the West as their virtues have become progressively well known. Japanese carpenters, though highly specialised in their craft, share a culture of excellence and dedication to their work that has spawned a tool tradition unique in its refinement.

The development of extremely high quality woodworking tools in Japan has also been facilitated by the status that smithing holds in the country, and the highly developed skills and and understanding that was required by blade smiths during the Edo period. The outlawing of edged weapons in the 1800s meant that a large number of swordsmiths found themselves without work, and many moved into other areas of smithing, which greatly benefitted carpenters who found themselves with easier access to extremely well-forged tools.

This tradition of excellence continues in Japan today. We stock a wide variety of tools for woodworkers of all skills and budgets, and in each case we offer tools only when believe that the value they offer is the best that can be had at that price. Whether hand made by a master smith or produced industrially by a large-scale manufacturer, we only select tools that we believe are of excellent quality and that are capable of advancing the quality or ease of our customers’ work.

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