Shapton Professional Sharpening Stone - #2000

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The Shapton Professional #2000 waterstone is a medium grit waterstone that brings up a useable edge. The #2000 is finer than it's #1000 companion in the Shapton Professional range, and gives a slightly finer finish.

As with the rest of the Shapton Professional range, the #2000 is manufactured to maintain flatness for a relatively long time. For best results, we recommend regular light flattening of the stone with either a diamond plate or sandpaper on glass.

The #2000 stone can be reached directly from the #320 grit Shapton Professional stone, though the #1000 can be included to make each step quite quick. From the #2000, both the #5000 and #8000 are reachable jumps.


  • Stone size: 210mm x 70mm x 16mm
  • Includes stackable plastic case
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Ease of use

Used a flattener on stone before first use, super smooth. Cutting isn't as good as shapton 1k but the sharpening experience feels a lot better. Easily reaches hair shaving sharpness and I can do "horizontal flicks" when dicing a large onion with the tip of my knife super easily without feeling like im trying to force the tip through.

Teck H.
Australia Australia

Good for razors

I was in the market for a 2K stone for a while, as something "easier on the steel" (than my usual Naniwa Chosera 1K). Razors that don't require hard work (chip removal, geometry correction etc..) will benefit from this stone. It's easy to work with, doesn't clog too much, it's hard, and keeps its flat. Don't forget to flatten the surface before using on precision instruments. Service from the JTA was stellar.

Srdjan D.
Australia Australia

Shapton Pro 2000 grit

I bought this stone for sharpening kitchen and outdoor knives. The harder ceramic stones are ideal as they won't gouge like the softer traditional water stones. The shapton stones are the best I've used in the last 20 years.

Peter K.