Rip Cut Blade 250mm Kakuri - Rip Cut Replacement Blade 250mm

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This Rip Cut blade has triangular shaped teeth designed purely to cut along the timber grain. The teeth are unique to this blade as they start fine and progressively get coarser to allow the user a more accurate and easier starting point.


Kerf: 0.5 mm

Blade Length: 250 mm

Blade Width: 60 mm

Rip Teeth: 1.7 - 3.5 mm

Setting: 0.7 mm

Use: Rip cuts along the grain.

Please note: this is a Rip Cut blade without handle

The KAKURI Fine Cut Saw Series has been designed to allow equal versatility of its tools and uses. Every blade and handle in the series is completely interchangeable to enable the craftsman the ability to customize the entire range of Japanese pull saws to suit each specific purpose.

Each blade in this series is made to the highest quality using only Japanese or Swedish steel. These metals are highly regarded and are used by professional craftsmen around the world. Some of the fine tooth blades are hand filed, giving you the accuracy and ease of cutting in every pull of the saw. The handle mechanism to hold the blade is uniquely streamlined to eliminate any chance of the latch getting in the way of your material.

The Kakuri Fine Cut Saw Series delivers versatility and quality in tools used by fine craftsmen for the trades of boat builders and shipwrights, makers of musical instruments, cabinet-makers, box makers, carpenters and in joinery.

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Kakuri saw blades

I have found these saw blades to be so versatile and of excellent quality, from performing general cabinet making work to hand cutting Dovetails. I will keep using them They fit into my tool box comfortably in the disassembled form. Observers are impressed!

John C.
Australia Australia

Kakuri rip cut blade.

I’ve had my Kakuri saw set for about 4 years. Over that time every other traditional saw I own has fallen into disuse. Recently I was using my universal cut blade to do a rip cut. This blade has seen hundreds of hours of use over the last four years and is not as sharp as new but did a good job. I bought both a new universal cut and a rip cut blade. The rip cut is really excellent. It has a progressive tooth size that allows for an easy start and maximum material removal. Changing blades is easy and takes about 10 seconds so you can have a blade to do anything quickly at hand. The rip cut blade is a great addition to an already great saw system. I’d recommend it for any woodworker.

Mal M.

Great blade

The staff were so helpful and gave me great advice choosing the right blade for the purpose of use. Thanks so much JTA

Mikael M.
Claire J.


I purchased this for dovetailing as I am experimenting with blades for cutting dovetails ,I already have the Kakuri finest set and although I find it very good I was after another blade for dovetailing ,this works well but Im still not quite satisfied,nothing to do with the blade just me thinking I will find something that suits me better ...............the never ending quest for utopia ??

David W.