Kataba Saw - Improved Edge

$119.00 AUD

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This saw's incredible fineness belies it's specialisation in difficult timber. With a an extremely fine saw plate, this saw is capable of leaving a kerf of less than a millimetre when working in all grain directions. Most of the teeth along the length of blade are filed in a crosscut pattern, with regular intervals along the edge marked by a rip tooth followed by a significant gully. This allows the saw to work in difficult grains or in simple timbers either across or with the grain. This versatility also makes it well suited to hardwoods.

This saw's fine plate makes careful use a requirement when ripping or crosscutting with this saw. Twisting or curving the cutting action makes it possible to shed teeth from the saw, however, regular users of Japanese saws will be accustomed to drawing the saw back in a straight path and will find no more difficulty in using this saw than with a dozuki.

This saw's aggressive teeth and spineless back make it an excellent tool for ripping long boards or dimensioning larger stock to size. Replacement blades available here.