Flush Cut Blade 180mm Kakuri - Flush Cut Replacement Blade 180mm

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This blade is used for cutting flush to a flat surface (trimming dowels). The blade is extremely flexible and leaves a very smooth cut without scratching the material.

Specifications: Kerf: 0.4 mm Blade Length: 180 mm Blade Width: 35 mm Use: Extremely flexible blade for cutting flush. Recommended Handle: Short straight 135mm

(Please note that the handle is not included. This is the saw blade only).

The KAKURI Fine Cut Saw Series has been designed to allow equal versatility of its tools and uses. Every blade and handle in the series is completely interchangeable to enable the craftsman the ability to customize the entire range of Japanese pull saws to suit each specific purpose.

Each blade in this series is made to the highest quality using only Japanese or Swedish steel. These metals are highly regarded and are used by professional craftsmen around the world. Some of the fine tooth blades are hand filed, giving you the accuracy and ease of cutting in every pull of the saw. The handle mechanism to hold the blade is uniquely streamlined to eliminate any chance of the latch getting in the way of your material.

The Kakuri Fine Cut Saw Series delivers versatility and quality in tools used by fine craftsmen for the trades of boat builders and shipwrights, makers of musical instruments, cabinet-makers, box makers, carpenters and in joinery.

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I recommend this product

Flush cut saw

Very accurate and leaves no scratch marks.

Mr. Brian Falkenberg
Australia Australia

Kakuri Flush cut

I recently purchased the Kakuri flush cut saw after tearing a lot of the teeth from my previous Kugihiki flush cut saw when cutting Blackbutt hardwood pegs. The Kakuri feels more robust, with a far thicker blade than the paper-thin Kugihiki, whilst still being more than flexible enough. I used it to flush cut 96, 10mm Blackbutt pegs on a recent timber door build and some 18mm pegs on the timber frame garage I'm building to go with the doors. No issues, no chipped / broken teeth and quick, clean, and flush cuts. I feel the thinner saw may have provided a slightly smoother and flusher cut but at the expense of the durability/robustness of this Kakuri saw. The replaceable blades also make it a far more economical option and provide the benefit of alternative blades for other uses. Happy to send some photos. Cheers, Dom

Dominik D.
Australia Australia

Flush cut saw blade 180mm

Brilliant blade, finest cuts I've ever made. Now I want to try more of the larger saw blades.

Eric M.
Marcelle M.

Flush cut blade 180 mm.

Easy to use and does a very good job. I need a handle to make it better still

Graham S.