Fine Cut Mini Saws

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These small saws are ideal for projects that require precision on a small scale. Intrument makers, modellers and kumiko enthusiasts will appreciate their controllable cut. Also perfect for working in small spaces and cutting small joints, the straight edge saw can be controlled easily for a straight cut along any line, while the curved edge saw can begin a cut in the middle of material and removes waste efficiently.

Blade lengths: 120mm (straight edge) and 70mm (curved edge)

0.2mm kerf

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Curved Edge Fine Cut Saw

I've not come across anything better for cutting the brace ends on a guitar back. The curved edge allows for cautious work which doesn't cut into the back material.

David T.

A great little saw.

I have been making a few Mountain Dulcimers and have found the saw very useful for many task e.g. cutting out nut and bridge, cutting dowel that pins parts of the instrument together and using it to start fret slots.

frederic B.

Small Japanese pullsaw

Great little tool - beautifully made, arrived quickly and securely packaged.

Terry L.

Mini Cut Saw

This saw has a thin blade which allows you to virtually cut in the line. As I'm making ukuleles this works well for me. Know need for adjustment for fit and alignment

Doug W.